An Unexpected Stop...

The players are aboard a taxi ship known as a Thunderbird when they dock in Hub 3 on the Lotus Space Station. They discover that all ships in the vicinity of the station have stopped in the hubs due to some sort of malfunction.

Pluto discovers that the artificial gravity has been tampered with and upon trying to repair it, the artificial gravity generator melts through the hull of the ship down to the floor of it’s parking spot like butter. Meanwhile, Ramsey and Jason investigate the cargo hold of the Thunderbird to discover strange cubes in every container; suitcases, crates, etc. As well as an animal cage that they refused to get close to.

Having broken investigated the ship all they could, the players decide to explore Hub 3 and what shops it holds. They meet Zadablast (a wacky man/robot with a thing for odd clothes) and they also visit “The Sugary Supernova”, a bar run by a Laarstroxiporsicon and his wife. They are find out Laars owes money to Laars, the Nyx Nightclub Owner, and cannot buy a piece of clothing to make his wife look more attractive to him due to being in debt. The players decide to help Laars with his minor problem by going to go see the owner of Nyx to discuss the removal of his debt.

On their way, they hear a strange voice say “I’m not a dog!” and the shadows of a small being being carried by another. Unable to locate the cry for help, they enter “John’s Pet and Meat Shop”. Being one of many stores across the galaxy, this one is run by a Tazoon who is very enthusiastic about his work. The PC’s enter the store to see the Tazoon trying to chase a small beagle around his shop, yelling in the same voice the players heard before. They step in and save the dog, making friends with him (finding out his name is Rex), while Ramsey goes taste testing with the Tazoon. As the players are about to leave, they walk out to see a massive riot occurring in front of them, fires blazing, a building flooded, and people fighting in the streets.




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