The Riot

As the players exit “John’s Pet and Meat” with their friend, Rex the Doge, Jason issues orders to try and help the innocent people. Their first target being the burning building.

Rex, Pluto and him come up with a plan to put out the fire. Pluto is tasked with going to the flooded building to try and use the water to dowse the flames while Rex and Jason are to rescue trapped civilians in the upper floors.

Meanwhile, Ramsey is headed to the bank down the street…where it’s being robbed by armed gunman. Using his stealth suit, he dispatches of the robbers quickly.

Jason had told Rex to go find Pluto once he was done with searching on his floor, Rex was never seen again. Jason saved two little girls and a large Qunari, earning good reputation for being in his Captain Cosmos outfit. Pluto has discovered that using a flooded building to stop a fire in a nearby building is harder than he thought, so he chooses to go to a building closer and to use the pipes there to help control the flames of Motel X. Jason and Ramsey meet up and enter the building to find Pluto, they use teamwork to spray a cone of water onto the building. They had successfully controlled the fire…on one floor. As our heroes exit the apartment complex for the shop owners, they discover a fire extinguisher. Jason flies above Motel X and becomes the first human sprinkler, destroying the flames once and for all with the loud applause of the crowd in the background.

The three meet up again, only to be ambushed by some rioters near “Qunari’s Weapons”, they fight eight rioters successfully as they protect the weapon stand. Their next stop is the hospital, where Ramsey is first to arrive on the scene. He crawls through the vents from the roof to try and enter the barricaded hospital. Meanwhile, Jason and Pluto deal with the rioters outside the building. They then begin trying to open the barricaded doors to the hospital while Ramsey speaks with a rather mean voice. To be fair though, he was in the vents of this robot’s building.

The group meets up on the main floor, where they see Rex talking to the Medical Robot about the infection going around the space station. They discover that the riot started because people were tired of waiting for service, they decided to take matters into their own hands to try and get the attention of the council so they can get medical attention. The truth is, the Medical Robot has no idea what the disease is and does not know of any cure, it has just been trying to treat symptoms and not the source.

Regrouped with Rex, our heroes decide to exit the Hospital to assess the situation outside once more.




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