Nyx Nightclub

Our daring team leave the hospital with Rex to see the riot hasn’t ceased.

Fat lot of help they did earlier.

As they prepare to try and stop the riot once more, or head to Nyx as per Pluto’s request, a massive image is broadcast above the small hub. It’s the Council of the Lotus. They say they are sending the Knights in to help control the situation and help with the curing of people who are sick.

Jason has a moment of hysteria as he realizes there could be rogue knights coming towards him so he asks Rex if he knows of any or if he is one himself. Rex replies sensibly, he says that even if he wasn’t a rogue knight and said he wasn’t…he had no proof to show he wasn’t a rogue. Surprisingly, that made more sense during play.

Our team decides to head out towards Nyx and to let the Knights take care of the riot. They wait an hour at the train station and board the train just as a massive amount of Knights get off the train. They wait another hour as they ride the train to the center of the Lotus. They arrive towards the bottom, the underbelly of Lotus. Passing by the boiler room, small apartment complexes worthy of giving Norman Bates the heeby jeebies, and also blocked off stairs.

Rex says it isn’t normally blocked but the hardlight is blocking all movement through the doorway and down the stairs. After fiddling with it for a bit, Pluto discovers that there is no way to get past. Who knows why he wanted past that barrier. I’m not even sure he knew why…

Our team arrives at Nyx to see the usual, massive line coming from the entrance. The sign is bright pink when looking at it in your peripheral vision but when you look directly at it, it turns deep black with stars twinkling inside the letters. Our team, mainly Ramsay, manage to get past the Surtr bouncer by saying they have an appointment with Lars. The team can only see the Surtr and nothing behind him, for it is pitch black inside the club. But once they cross over the threshold, everything lights up. Privacy lights, duh.

Immediately, Jason and Rex go pick up chicks while Ramsay is distracted by two hookers. Pluto seems to be the only one focused on the mission at this point. Why? I don’t know either, to be honest. He manages to get a hold of the bartender but is distracted when a Baglio-Corpod hooker walks up and seduces him, due to Ramsay sending her over to Pluto. Ramsay loses his Meelan hooker and decides to walk over to Pluto, but not before having a run in with an hold buddy.

Meet Lance Jacobs, the Zuhfang hunter of Trelos. He demands Ramsay tell him where “the kid” is, he’s referring to Pluto and Ramsay says he doesn’t know. Jacobs drags Ramsay to the back of the club, where Pluto was led by the hooker at the same time.

Meanwhile, Jason tries to pick up a stripper named 241086 with fiery red hair and notices Rex is inside one of the cages. 241086 finds it funny at first but realizes he shouldn’t be in there, Jason investigates and sees that he’s being attacked by a Doge stripper. Jason goes to rescue Rex by using his Captain Cosmos persona while 241086 watches in amazement.

Back with Pluto and Ramsay, Pluto enters the backroom (guarded by two very large Surtr) and sees it is guarded via Privacy Light. All he sees at the end of the large room is two massive red forearms resting on what appears to be a desk.

Fast forward a bit through Ramsay’s exchange (this whole scenario was time jumpy), Ramsay enters the room and hear’s Pluto’s screams. He flies up using his 3D maneuvering gear against the wall just before the lights come on. He did it with style, too. ;D




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