S.S.T. LOTUS Vol. V Part One

Cosmos' Capture

Whilst departing the police vehicle, our….heroes? Protagonists. Our protagonists walk up to the police station and see two large Knight tanks aimed at them, a group of Knights waiting at the doorstep along with a large truck nearby.

Cautiously, the two detectives, Ramsay, Pluto, Jason, Rex, and the two officers approach the Knights as the tanks heat up. From the middle of the heavily armed group steps forth a S.I.R., Turquine Davies to be exact. He came with one purpose, retrieve Jason Spox…aka, deserter. The team looks towards their companion to see him motionless, it is soon revealed he had been shot with a tranquilizer from a nearby sniper, paralyzed, Jason Spox is taken from the team he came to know on the station and loaded into the back of the truck.

In order to retrieve Jason Spox without a fight, Turquine promised Pluto a ship and Ramsay information on a…certain nemesis. Now, with their daring new friend back with the Knights, the team walks into the bustling police station to their holding cells.

On the way, they learn that the disease is a ‘super flu’ that arrived not too long ago, there has been no cure thus far. It is also revealed that no one on the police force knows why all nearby ships have docked on the Lotus due to malfunctions.

Passing by several criminals in holding cells, most knowing Ramsay (one of them Lance Jacobs from Nyx Nightclub), they enter their respective holding cells to be interrogated.

Little do they know that they walked into the eye of the storm….



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