S.S.T. LOTUS Vol. V Part One
Cosmos' Capture

Whilst departing the police vehicle, our….heroes? Protagonists. Our protagonists walk up to the police station and see two large Knight tanks aimed at them, a group of Knights waiting at the doorstep along with a large truck nearby.

Cautiously, the two detectives, Ramsay, Pluto, Jason, Rex, and the two officers approach the Knights as the tanks heat up. From the middle of the heavily armed group steps forth a S.I.R., Turquine Davies to be exact. He came with one purpose, retrieve Jason Spox…aka, deserter. The team looks towards their companion to see him motionless, it is soon revealed he had been shot with a tranquilizer from a nearby sniper, paralyzed, Jason Spox is taken from the team he came to know on the station and loaded into the back of the truck.

In order to retrieve Jason Spox without a fight, Turquine promised Pluto a ship and Ramsay information on a…certain nemesis. Now, with their daring new friend back with the Knights, the team walks into the bustling police station to their holding cells.

On the way, they learn that the disease is a ‘super flu’ that arrived not too long ago, there has been no cure thus far. It is also revealed that no one on the police force knows why all nearby ships have docked on the Lotus due to malfunctions.

Passing by several criminals in holding cells, most knowing Ramsay (one of them Lance Jacobs from Nyx Nightclub), they enter their respective holding cells to be interrogated.

Little do they know that they walked into the eye of the storm….

The Serial Killer

Our heroes last left off with a split party in the middle of a raving Nyx Nightclub.

Pluto is discovered to be inside a glass desk, with a very large Surtr sitting on a chair. He, Pluto, can see several wires snaking up the Surtr’s legs but that information is of no use to him as the desk he is in is soundproof and appears extremely thick, he can’t figure out why he is even capable of breathing. The lights of the large room flicker on to reveal his savior.

Only to have his savior disappear above and become invisible.

Ramsay had been led past the two Surtr guards by Lance Jacobs, a Zuhfang hunter from Trelos. With Ramsay now on the ceiling like a fly on a wall, he takes out Jacobs with a quick shot with his CJRX Rifle to knock him out, he then fires at the Baglio-Corpod and it is killed, bright blue blood splattering over the desk with Pluto inside.

Jason Spox and Rex manage to somehow find out about the back room Two Two Ex Machina and manage to distract the two Surtr guarding the door. Jason blasts it open with his sound cannon just in time to see Lance get up and be shot by Ramsay one more time.

Honestly, it was a long time ago but basically the police crash the now rioting Nyx Nightclub (why do riots follow these guys?) and Rex enters just in time to be held at gunpoint by police.

The trio, Ramsay, Jason, and Lance Jacobs, are introduced to Detective Victor Nevumban, S.S.T. Lotus’ best and greatest detective. Just now remembered, the Baglio-Corpod from earlier was about to fire electricity at Ramsay whilst he was on the wall but she was shot dead by a Meelan; the one that was given to Ramsay and then was lost earlier in the nightclub. The Meelan is reveal to be Detective Juliet Cross, fairly new partner to Detective Nevumban but his polar opposite in almost every way; she’s an ask questions shoot later type of person while he is more of a shoot and forget to ask questions.

The Surtr behind the desk speaks mysterious words that don’t really make sense, guns are pointed, threats are thrown, until it is revealed that the Surtr has a bomb around his chest. The Surtr’s nameplate on the desk says “Lars”. At this point, Pluto is freed from his prison with only questions but is told to disarm the bomb quickly. He somehow manages to do it but Detective Victor kicks over the somehow dead Surtr (I can’t remember how he died exactly) to reveal a second bomb! This one is a demented game of hangman and it is revealed that the trio (Ramsay, Jason, and Pluto) have wandered into a bust to try and catch a serial killer.

The gang manages to get Pluto’s things from a safe, along with a strange box that weights quite a bit in his bag, as Victor and Jason try to decipher the bomb. The club is evacuated as they lose more and more tries to guess the code.

Jason manages to guess it, only for Victor to say he knew the code all along but wanted to see if Jason knew; he’s a dick that way. The code reads:

Kephi Burns

Kephi, told by Detective Nevumban, is a pub for Knights in sector four or a toy store in sector two of the space station. The two also bond over how they know the Knights are corrupt, or at least some of them are. They exit the nightclub and the gang is forced into a swat vehicle to be transported to the station for questioning. They were going to be arrested but they managed to slide out of that and just get interrogated. Now, they sit in a SWAT van with a group of people all aware of the Knights’ corrupt sector.

They consist of:

- Ramsay Tobaggan

- Pluto Grex

- Jason Moby Spox (Captain Cosmos)

- Detective Victor Nevumban

- Detective Juliet Cross

- Lance Jacobs The Hunter

- Two armored guards (wearing helmets) by the doors


Nyx Nightclub

Our daring team leave the hospital with Rex to see the riot hasn’t ceased.

Fat lot of help they did earlier.

As they prepare to try and stop the riot once more, or head to Nyx as per Pluto’s request, a massive image is broadcast above the small hub. It’s the Council of the Lotus. They say they are sending the Knights in to help control the situation and help with the curing of people who are sick.

Jason has a moment of hysteria as he realizes there could be rogue knights coming towards him so he asks Rex if he knows of any or if he is one himself. Rex replies sensibly, he says that even if he wasn’t a rogue knight and said he wasn’t…he had no proof to show he wasn’t a rogue. Surprisingly, that made more sense during play.

Our team decides to head out towards Nyx and to let the Knights take care of the riot. They wait an hour at the train station and board the train just as a massive amount of Knights get off the train. They wait another hour as they ride the train to the center of the Lotus. They arrive towards the bottom, the underbelly of Lotus. Passing by the boiler room, small apartment complexes worthy of giving Norman Bates the heeby jeebies, and also blocked off stairs.

Rex says it isn’t normally blocked but the hardlight is blocking all movement through the doorway and down the stairs. After fiddling with it for a bit, Pluto discovers that there is no way to get past. Who knows why he wanted past that barrier. I’m not even sure he knew why…

Our team arrives at Nyx to see the usual, massive line coming from the entrance. The sign is bright pink when looking at it in your peripheral vision but when you look directly at it, it turns deep black with stars twinkling inside the letters. Our team, mainly Ramsay, manage to get past the Surtr bouncer by saying they have an appointment with Lars. The team can only see the Surtr and nothing behind him, for it is pitch black inside the club. But once they cross over the threshold, everything lights up. Privacy lights, duh.

Immediately, Jason and Rex go pick up chicks while Ramsay is distracted by two hookers. Pluto seems to be the only one focused on the mission at this point. Why? I don’t know either, to be honest. He manages to get a hold of the bartender but is distracted when a Baglio-Corpod hooker walks up and seduces him, due to Ramsay sending her over to Pluto. Ramsay loses his Meelan hooker and decides to walk over to Pluto, but not before having a run in with an hold buddy.

Meet Lance Jacobs, the Zuhfang hunter of Trelos. He demands Ramsay tell him where “the kid” is, he’s referring to Pluto and Ramsay says he doesn’t know. Jacobs drags Ramsay to the back of the club, where Pluto was led by the hooker at the same time.

Meanwhile, Jason tries to pick up a stripper named 241086 with fiery red hair and notices Rex is inside one of the cages. 241086 finds it funny at first but realizes he shouldn’t be in there, Jason investigates and sees that he’s being attacked by a Doge stripper. Jason goes to rescue Rex by using his Captain Cosmos persona while 241086 watches in amazement.

Back with Pluto and Ramsay, Pluto enters the backroom (guarded by two very large Surtr) and sees it is guarded via Privacy Light. All he sees at the end of the large room is two massive red forearms resting on what appears to be a desk.

Fast forward a bit through Ramsay’s exchange (this whole scenario was time jumpy), Ramsay enters the room and hear’s Pluto’s screams. He flies up using his 3D maneuvering gear against the wall just before the lights come on. He did it with style, too. ;D


The Riot

As the players exit “John’s Pet and Meat” with their friend, Rex the Doge, Jason issues orders to try and help the innocent people. Their first target being the burning building.

Rex, Pluto and him come up with a plan to put out the fire. Pluto is tasked with going to the flooded building to try and use the water to dowse the flames while Rex and Jason are to rescue trapped civilians in the upper floors.

Meanwhile, Ramsey is headed to the bank down the street…where it’s being robbed by armed gunman. Using his stealth suit, he dispatches of the robbers quickly.

Jason had told Rex to go find Pluto once he was done with searching on his floor, Rex was never seen again. Jason saved two little girls and a large Qunari, earning good reputation for being in his Captain Cosmos outfit. Pluto has discovered that using a flooded building to stop a fire in a nearby building is harder than he thought, so he chooses to go to a building closer and to use the pipes there to help control the flames of Motel X. Jason and Ramsey meet up and enter the building to find Pluto, they use teamwork to spray a cone of water onto the building. They had successfully controlled the fire…on one floor. As our heroes exit the apartment complex for the shop owners, they discover a fire extinguisher. Jason flies above Motel X and becomes the first human sprinkler, destroying the flames once and for all with the loud applause of the crowd in the background.

The three meet up again, only to be ambushed by some rioters near “Qunari’s Weapons”, they fight eight rioters successfully as they protect the weapon stand. Their next stop is the hospital, where Ramsey is first to arrive on the scene. He crawls through the vents from the roof to try and enter the barricaded hospital. Meanwhile, Jason and Pluto deal with the rioters outside the building. They then begin trying to open the barricaded doors to the hospital while Ramsey speaks with a rather mean voice. To be fair though, he was in the vents of this robot’s building.

The group meets up on the main floor, where they see Rex talking to the Medical Robot about the infection going around the space station. They discover that the riot started because people were tired of waiting for service, they decided to take matters into their own hands to try and get the attention of the council so they can get medical attention. The truth is, the Medical Robot has no idea what the disease is and does not know of any cure, it has just been trying to treat symptoms and not the source.

Regrouped with Rex, our heroes decide to exit the Hospital to assess the situation outside once more.


An Unexpected Stop...

The players are aboard a taxi ship known as a Thunderbird when they dock in Hub 3 on the Lotus Space Station. They discover that all ships in the vicinity of the station have stopped in the hubs due to some sort of malfunction.

Pluto discovers that the artificial gravity has been tampered with and upon trying to repair it, the artificial gravity generator melts through the hull of the ship down to the floor of it’s parking spot like butter. Meanwhile, Ramsey and Jason investigate the cargo hold of the Thunderbird to discover strange cubes in every container; suitcases, crates, etc. As well as an animal cage that they refused to get close to.

Having broken investigated the ship all they could, the players decide to explore Hub 3 and what shops it holds. They meet Zadablast (a wacky man/robot with a thing for odd clothes) and they also visit “The Sugary Supernova”, a bar run by a Laarstroxiporsicon and his wife. They are find out Laars owes money to Laars, the Nyx Nightclub Owner, and cannot buy a piece of clothing to make his wife look more attractive to him due to being in debt. The players decide to help Laars with his minor problem by going to go see the owner of Nyx to discuss the removal of his debt.

On their way, they hear a strange voice say “I’m not a dog!” and the shadows of a small being being carried by another. Unable to locate the cry for help, they enter “John’s Pet and Meat Shop”. Being one of many stores across the galaxy, this one is run by a Tazoon who is very enthusiastic about his work. The PC’s enter the store to see the Tazoon trying to chase a small beagle around his shop, yelling in the same voice the players heard before. They step in and save the dog, making friends with him (finding out his name is Rex), while Ramsey goes taste testing with the Tazoon. As the players are about to leave, they walk out to see a massive riot occurring in front of them, fires blazing, a building flooded, and people fighting in the streets.



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