The planet of Photoria was originally a large island surrounded by beautiful waters for centuries. Until about Earth Year 1883, when the center of it disappeared completely in the blink of an eye. This event is forever known as The Great Devouring among the inhabitants of Photoria. There only remains three sections of that island, previously known as Krakatau, that are collectively called Anak. The waters of Photoria are expansive and to this day have not been fully explored. Eventually the islands were reserved for only those of high income and every other species was moved to the four underwater domes known as Epoherhelos (E-po-hair-e-los). Each dome serving a predetermined function for Photoria. The planet is known for being the home of the Baglio-Corpods and the Meelan.


Photoria is a large water world with three small islands surrounding a large whirlpool in the center of the planet. Note: All expeditions and attempts to study the whirlpool have yielded zero results. It is believed to be the source of The Great Devouring. One of the islands is home to Killian Knaymora, CEO of Knaymora Transport, as well as his various staff and family. The second island is home to Wesley Binzomun, the owner of the famed Photoria Zoo. The third island is a five star resort for tourists of Photoria, overseen by the Knights of the Eden System.

The Epoherhelos span the vast waters of Photoria and have functions similar to that of Anak. The first is a large underwater city known as Baglaxia, home to the Baglio-Corpod President Torian Yorick. The second is a large underwater forest, with the help of the Trelos lumber trade, that is the source of all food on Photoria. The third dome is the heavily guarded research facility of the Knights, housing many scientists that help advance technology for all in the Beta Quintant. The fourth dome has been shut down due to complications not disclosed by the Council, President Yorick, and the Knights. All of the domes, with the exception of the closed dome, are accessible via water way that have spots of outworld travel to visit the small towns of the aquatic people of Photoria.

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