Discovery and the Hu

Trelos is known as The Forest Planet and has been rather peaceful compared to the others in the Eden Solar System. It’s most distinguishable feature was the extremely large tree growing high to the sky, reaching just under the Troposphere. The first ship that landed there was welcomed by the Hu (Ha-Wah) but were instructed not to leave the ‘World Tree’, named Iusaaset (You-sah-set). As more and more people came to Trelos the more Iusaaset became a bustling trade market town, eventually gaining the name of Acacia. As time passed, the Hu allowed outlanders to roam Trelos, warning them of the dangers of the planet.

Silverbrand, Boneguard, and Monsters

As explorers ventured forth into Trelos, they came into contact with two more civilizations; the Boneguard and the Silverbrand. It was soon discovered that these two civilizations, though tribe-like, had a rivalry that went back to what historians guess to be creation. Though many have tried to bring peace to these two people, all have failed in their quest. Eventually Trelos became known as The Forested Death as many soon discovered the horrorific monsters that awaited them on the planet; most survivors returning on the brink of madness.

The Living Supremacy

Trelos had been associated with freedom since creation, the Hu leading Acacia with passive hands and the outside lands being uncontrollable. That is, until The Living Supremacy was created. A group of Hu emerged and claimed leadership of Trelos, realizing how valuable their planet was as many planets sought to gather the wood, to save their planet. Though a strange name, the Living Supremacy was comprised of a council of Hu with a representative from the Boneguard and Silverbrand and has brought order to Trelos; for the most part. Under their leadership, trade deals were made with Photoria and policing tactics of Esnara taught. After the trade deal with Photoria was created, Trelos announced it was to be a neutral planet; not allowing any military to base themselves anywhere near Trelos to preserve the sanctity of the world.


Primarily made up of Corlian, the Silverbrand are known for using the exotic Fratine trees, known for growing a material similar to silver and wood, as the basis for their tools, weapons, and armor. They are also known for their ability to traverse the forest world, the Corlian using their adhesive skin to leap from tree to tree and those not of Corlian descent using 3D-Maneuvering gear. The Silverbrand are not welcome to outsiders, choosing to stick to their own on the southern side of Trelos.


Primarily made up of Zuhfang, the Boneguard are known for the hunting of the Nigrimoloch (Ni-gri-mo-lock), pitch black, gigantic snake like monsters with bones as strong as metal. The Boneguard use the Nigrimoloch’s bones for tools, weapons, and armor. The Boneguard are also known for the ability to camouflage into their surroundings, the Zuhfang having a the genetic capabilities while others utilizing the Boneguard’s creativity to create camouflage such as tree-bark suits and ghillie suits. The Boneguard are more open to outsiders than the Silverbrand, welcoming almost all walks of life and are not as nomadic as the Silverbrand, having a small city-like settlement named simply Zarill; a simple city.


Trelos is a massive forest with only one source of water in the entire planet; The Rolling Tides. It’s source is the top of a large tree that spouts water similar to that of a volcano and snakes it’s way between the two territories of the Silverbrand and the Boneguard. The tides then create a moat around Iusaaset where it goes under the roots of the tree and is believed to be connected to the Sprouting Tree. Iusaaset is located in the northernmost part of the world, above the Boneguard. The Silverbrand occupy the southernmost part of the world.

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