The Serial Killer

Our heroes last left off with a split party in the middle of a raving Nyx Nightclub.

Pluto is discovered to be inside a glass desk, with a very large Surtr sitting on a chair. He, Pluto, can see several wires snaking up the Surtr’s legs but that information is of no use to him as the desk he is in is soundproof and appears extremely thick, he can’t figure out why he is even capable of breathing. The lights of the large room flicker on to reveal his savior.

Only to have his savior disappear above and become invisible.

Ramsay had been led past the two Surtr guards by Lance Jacobs, a Zuhfang hunter from Trelos. With Ramsay now on the ceiling like a fly on a wall, he takes out Jacobs with a quick shot with his CJRX Rifle to knock him out, he then fires at the Baglio-Corpod and it is killed, bright blue blood splattering over the desk with Pluto inside.

Jason Spox and Rex manage to somehow find out about the back room Two Two Ex Machina and manage to distract the two Surtr guarding the door. Jason blasts it open with his sound cannon just in time to see Lance get up and be shot by Ramsay one more time.

Honestly, it was a long time ago but basically the police crash the now rioting Nyx Nightclub (why do riots follow these guys?) and Rex enters just in time to be held at gunpoint by police.

The trio, Ramsay, Jason, and Lance Jacobs, are introduced to Detective Victor Nevumban, S.S.T. Lotus’ best and greatest detective. Just now remembered, the Baglio-Corpod from earlier was about to fire electricity at Ramsay whilst he was on the wall but she was shot dead by a Meelan; the one that was given to Ramsay and then was lost earlier in the nightclub. The Meelan is reveal to be Detective Juliet Cross, fairly new partner to Detective Nevumban but his polar opposite in almost every way; she’s an ask questions shoot later type of person while he is more of a shoot and forget to ask questions.

The Surtr behind the desk speaks mysterious words that don’t really make sense, guns are pointed, threats are thrown, until it is revealed that the Surtr has a bomb around his chest. The Surtr’s nameplate on the desk says “Lars”. At this point, Pluto is freed from his prison with only questions but is told to disarm the bomb quickly. He somehow manages to do it but Detective Victor kicks over the somehow dead Surtr (I can’t remember how he died exactly) to reveal a second bomb! This one is a demented game of hangman and it is revealed that the trio (Ramsay, Jason, and Pluto) have wandered into a bust to try and catch a serial killer.

The gang manages to get Pluto’s things from a safe, along with a strange box that weights quite a bit in his bag, as Victor and Jason try to decipher the bomb. The club is evacuated as they lose more and more tries to guess the code.

Jason manages to guess it, only for Victor to say he knew the code all along but wanted to see if Jason knew; he’s a dick that way. The code reads:

Kephi Burns

Kephi, told by Detective Nevumban, is a pub for Knights in sector four or a toy store in sector two of the space station. The two also bond over how they know the Knights are corrupt, or at least some of them are. They exit the nightclub and the gang is forced into a swat vehicle to be transported to the station for questioning. They were going to be arrested but they managed to slide out of that and just get interrogated. Now, they sit in a SWAT van with a group of people all aware of the Knights’ corrupt sector.

They consist of:

- Ramsay Tobaggan

- Pluto Grex

- Jason Moby Spox (Captain Cosmos)

- Detective Victor Nevumban

- Detective Juliet Cross

- Lance Jacobs The Hunter

- Two armored guards (wearing helmets) by the doors




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