Originally a desolate planet with thick clouds in the atmosphere, Esnara was colonized by Humanity as soon as they arrived in Andromeda. The Humans took to building Esnara to what it is today, a bustling metropolis where the skyscrapers pierce the thick clouds in the sky like needles in a pin cushion. The government of Esnara was originally a monarchy, the leader of said monarchy being the Human Ulrich Anderson; a dark-skinned human with a hostile personality and cruel disposition. Esnara thrived under his rule, the police keeping order, the rich living in the clouds, the poor (most of the population) working and living in the lower levels of the planet. The rich ran the factories the lower civilians worked in, a cruel and pompous society of fine dining and fancy dressing. Then the revolution sparked.

The Revolution

After the assassination of Ulrich Anderson’s heir to the throne, Benjamin, chaos broke out in the city like the plague. A revolution was under way, The Resistance being led by Naomi Rentav, as they looked to overthrow the corrupt monarchy that oppressed the less privileged. For five years the war went on, countless lives lost and countless battles fought in the streets of Esnara as The Resistance started to gain territory. In an effort to stop the rebellion, The Monarchy began work on Project M that would cost the lives of countless soldiers. Two years passed when Project M was revealed; enhanced soldiers and police officers. Labeled as Maat, these chosen few were ruthless, held no emotions, were exceptional shots, and the perfect soldiers of war. The war slowly tilted in favor of The Monarchs as the Maat helped booster morale and strike fear in the enemy.

Eventually, Naomi Rentav stationed a tactical retreat…to The Lone Island. While holding off the enemy, fearing a bombing raid was incoming, The Resistance found the entrance to Ulrich’s secret labs underground. While there, they found the plans for the Maat and what they were; kidnapped, people with their brains scrambled. Mind control. As soon as word was out of the Maat, more people joined The Resistance to help bring down the clearly disturbed Monarchy. Ulrich Anderson stood his ground till the very end, when he shot himself in his office as The Resistance closed in. They had won.

A Free World

Naomi Rentav, leader of the free world, helped establish the new government; a democracy. The base of said democracy resting upon what is now known as Rentav’s Retreat. Naomi helped bring in the new age of Esnara, cleaning the streets and helping the poor, whilst not ignoring the rich; she was a beloved president. She passed away at the age of seventy-four from old age. After her passing, a new president was voted in but was killed during innaguration by a revolutionary group named The Rising Star.

A World of Unrest

Now, with every presidential candidate being assassinated, chaos is brewing in Esnara once more as a gang war is forever drawing near, the Council struggles to maintain order and peace, and reports of a masked person roaming the planet. Several large syndicates have sprouted up on Esnara, each with their own goals and choke hold on the population and its territories. Though the world is in unrest, factories are thriving as more and more people are brought into the world and in need of jobs, the rich lead luxurious lifestyles, and the World Council are able to keep order in some areas.

The Gangs

While each gang holds some amount of territory and power, each having their own rivalries and alliances, there are whispers among those not in the syndicates that they have created their own Council of sorts. Though it is agreed upon, by many, that they rarely, if ever, meet and when they do it ends in several deaths.

  • Cerberus: A gang believed to be led by three leaders spaced out across the planet, their apparent goal is to rule The Dog’s Den.
  • The Rising Star: A radical revolutionary group ignoring any and all laws to fund their ‘new revolution’ so they can usher in the new monarchy.
  • Comet Riders: A quintant wide gang that appears to be looking for money and power.
  • Star Chasers: Sister gang to the Comet Riders, they seem to be doing all they can to free those under Knight rule so they can “Chase the stars.”
  • Venom: An anarchist group specializing in killings, assassinations, experimental drugs, and more. They seem to want to spread chaos across the planet, and then the galaxy.


The planet itself is known as the City Planet as it is comprised of tall buildings and factories that cover ninety-five percent of the world. Esnara itself is as large as The Milky Way’s Jupiter. There is, however, a small amount of water that wraps around the planet like a belt that converges in a ‘large’ lake that holds the Lone Island; Rentav’s Retreat. Most of the ground of Esnara is referred to as The Dog’s Den and is considered to be the slums, where the seediest of the population thrives. As altitude increases, so does the wealth of the civilians and the influence of the police.

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