Players are allowed to carry three types of weapons at all times, and only three. Capacity may be increased but all info is unknown on such a way.

Assist Class: Varied

These weapons/tools are handheld but can be dual-wielded if needed, they are lightweight and don’t pack much a punch.

Assault Class: 3

These weapons are commonly automatic assault weapons, they are the second most common weapons in Andromeda.

Range Class: 4

Weapons meant for long range, these are usable by only those trained enough to hit a target.

Demo Class: 2

Meant for close quarters combat, these weapons are common for city planets as well as police forces within towns.

Melee Class: 1

Weapons that are for melee only, these are carried by most citizens of Andromeda.

Heavy Class: 5

Weapons so massive but powerful, they take up two slots. Very rare.

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