The armor of Andromeda is split up into two sections. One to deflect projectiles such as blasters. And the other to defend against melee attacks as well as some projectile attacks. Only one type of armor is usable to everyone in Andromeda.

Padding (Melee and Projectile)


  1. Armor(Melee): 1
  2. Armor(Projectile): 0
  3. No minuses or additions.


  1. Armor(Melee): 2
  2. Armor(Projectile): 1
  3. -2 shift on Athletic rolls.
  4. -1 shift on Stealth rolls.
  5. +1 shift on Provoke rolls.


  1. Armor(Melee): 3
  2. Armor(Projectile): 2
  3. -3 shift on Athletic and Stealth rolls.
  4. +2 shift on Provoke rolls.
  5. +1 shift on Physique rolls.

Shielding (Projectile)


  1. Armor(Projectile): 3
  2. No minuses or additions.


  1. Armor(Projectile): 4
  2. -1 shift on Notice rolls.


  1. Armor(Projectile): 6
  2. -2 shift on Notice rolls.

Armor Enhancers

Both types of armor allow for one slot to hold an Enhancer based on the type of armor.

Padding Enhancers

Light Enhancers

Extra Half-Slot, Discreet (Deceive), Camo (Stealth bonus of +1).

Medium Enhancers

Lightweight (Athletics) and Extra Melee Slot are available.

Heavy Enhancers

Armor (Melee), Lightweight (Athletics), and Extra Full Slot are available.

Shield Enhancers

All enhancers for shields are unknown. Many people are trying to create enhancements for the shielding technology but all attempts have failed.

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