Height: 70 to 80 ft (35 ft above snow level)
Width: 8ft
Weight: 1 ton
Color: Mostly gray but with bits of red glowing material. Red material is its lava-like blood.

Subject does not appear to be friendly and traverses Cutania underground. Moves a bit like a snake but with arms. The subject attacks by lobbing grenade-like rock balls that explode into a red lava like liquid.

When you take off all of the plating it is a fleshy worm like creature in a dark pink color. Every orifice glows red.

The subject has no eye sockets, but has large, sharp, stalagmite like teeth. The lungs are gigantic. It can be assumed that the creature lives mostly underground. The brain is rather large, subject may be capable of more than expected. Need more information.

The subject has 4 hearts, 2 in its upper chest and 2 in the secondary cavity.

It shoots rock-lava grenades that acts quite like a water balloon only with the risk of rock shrapnel and bits of lava.

Moves by vibration in the ground. It cannot see you if you do not move.

The front is plated with armor while the back is more fleshy. If you were to engage the best bet would be to trick it and then fire at its back while it’s distracted.

The subject’s blood seems to be the consistency of a non-Newtonian fluid and is identical to the material inside of its grenade like attack.

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